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Directorate "Information Technologies and Spatial Data"

Director of Directorate


"Geoinformation Systems" Department

Head of department: eng. Simeon Stoyanov


"Information Technology" Department

Head of department: eng. Vaklin Petkov



Art. 17. (Amended, State Gazette No. 39/2018) Directorate "Information Technologies and Spatial Data:

1. assist the Executive Director in the coordination and control of activities in the field of specialized information and geo information systems;

2. control and coordinate the activities related to the information system of the cadastre and the protection of the information from unauthorized access;

3. keep databases with cadastral and specialized information in working and current condition and monitor their functioning; administers the communication between the central datasets and the regional databases located in the geodesy, cartography and cadastre services;

4. administer the activity of giving access to the information and technical resources in the infrastructure of the Agency;

5. organize and coordinate the integration of new information and geo-information systems and the extension of the functionality of the existing ones;

6. ensures the interaction of the information systems of the Agency with the information systems of other institutions and organizations;

7. assist and consult the specialized units in the Agency in working with specialized information and geo information systems;

8. organize and control the establishment and maintenance of spatial data infrastructure in compliance with the Agency's commitments under the Access to Spatial Data Act and Directive 2007/2 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community INSPIRE) (Directive 2007/2 / EC);

9. organize and control the creation of metadata with a defined content for the spatial data sets and services falling within the scope of Directive 2007/2 / EC;

10. organize and control the provision of interoperability and harmonization of spatial data sets and related services;

11. organize and control the establishment and maintenance of a network of services (network services) related to the massages and spatial data services for which metadata has been created;

12. Communicates with the European institutions on the implementation of Directive 2007/2 / EC;

13. organize and supervise the production and maintenance of the products of EuroGeographics Association for the projects in which the Agency participates;

14. administer, maintain and control the web sites, the registries of the authorized persons and the internal network of the Agency;

15. organize the maintenance of the hardware and software and specialized information and geo-information systems of the Agency and the preparation of technical assignments for the procurement of their procurement;

16. provide for the provision of electronic administrative services by the Agency, monitor the satisfaction of users of cadastral information and provide development guidelines;

17. carry out the coordination and control over the implementation of the contracts for the maintenance of the information and geo information systems of the Agency and prepare a report for their implementation;

18. Supports the implementation of PPL procedures for geographic information systems, information systems, communications, e-services, hardware and basic software.

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