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Secretary – General




Art. 7. (1) The administrative management of the Administration of the Agency shall be carried out by the Secretary-General who is appointed by the Executive Director.

(2) The Secretary-General shall:

1. Provide the organizational link between the Executive Director of the Agency and the administrative units as well as between the administrative units;

2. Organize the distribution of the tasks to be performed between the administrative units of the Agency;

3. Perform general control over the execution of the assigned tasks;

4. Create conditions for normal and efficient work of the Agency's units;

5. Control the incoming and outgoing correspondence (documentation);

6. Approve the job descriptions of the employees of the Agency;

7. Organize the preparation of the Agency's establishment plan.

(3) In the absence of the Secretary - General, his / her duties shall be performed by a senior executive appointed by a written order of the Executive Director.

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