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Information Security Officer


Art. 8. (1) The Information Security Officer is directly subordinate to the Executive Director and leads a Registry for Classified Information, perform the tasks assigned to it by the Protection of Classified Information Act (CIPA) and is responsible for the proper creation, processing, storage and transmission of Classified information.

(2) In fulfillment of the tasks assigned to it by the PCIA, the Information Security Officer shall:

1. Ensure compliance with the requirements of the CIPA;

2. Apply the rules on the types of protection of classified information;

3. Develop a plan for the protection of the Agency by means of physical and technical means and monitoring its implementation;

4. Perform periodic inspections of the accountability and movement of the materials and documents containing classified information;

5. Carry out the procedure of the ordinary survey according to Art. 47 of the CIPA and keeps a register of the investigated persons;

6. Monitor the correct classification of the classified information, report the cases of unauthorized access and propose to the Executive Director measures for their removal;

7. Organize and conduct the training of the employees of the Agency for Protection of Classified Information;

8. Develop a plan for the protection of classified information in a situation of war, military or other emergency;

9. Perform other tasks, arising from the normative acts regulating the protection of the classified information.

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