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Directorate "Administrative-legal and financial services"

Director of Directorate



Legal Department

Head of department: 


"Public Procurement" Department

Head of department: Petar Lefterov

Human Resources Department

Head of department: Valentina Dimova

Records and Archives Department

Head of department: Tanya Karagyozova

Financial and Economic Activities Department

Head of department: Milena Borisova


Art. 12. (Amended, SG No. 39/2018) Directorate "Administrative-legal and financial services":

1. organizes and performs legal services, including in connection with contracts, agreements, draft orders, litigation, coordination of draft acts drafted by the administration, as well as control over the time performance of the tasks;

2. organizes the activities and provides methodical assistance for the administrative servicing of the natural and legal persons, including the organization and conclusion of agreements with municipalities and departments for the provision of services and data from the cadastral map and the cadastral registers and for providing services from the Geocartfund as well as agreements with municipalities and departments for joint activity in the administrative servicing of physical and juridical persons;

3. assist the specialized administration directorates in developing long-term and annual programs for the development of cadastre, geodesy and cartography activities;

4. carries out the services, including the processing of the incoming and outgoing documents and the internal mail, the collection and keeping of the archive archive;

5. organize and participate in the personnel selection activity; prepares drafts of employment contracts and acts for the appointment of civil servants, develops drafts of normative acts on the average salary and the number of employees; organizes and conducts courses, seminars and other forms of training to improve the qualifications of employees; performs the activities for ensuring healthy and safe working conditions in accordance with the normative acts;

6. prepare opinions on the implementation of the CPRA and of the GWU and participate in the development of draft regulations in the field of cadastre, geodesy, cartography and geoinformatics and methodological instructions for their implementation; coordinate drafts of normative acts prepared by other agencies;

7. prepare answers to complaints, suggestions and signals of individuals and legal entities on issues related to the administrative service activities;

8. prepare the tender documentation for procurement procedures, plans, reports and other documents in accordance with the Public Procurement Act (PPL), including contracts, agreements, drafts of orders; organizes the procedures under PPL;

9. keep the register of contracts and agreements at the Agency and ensure that their records are kept;

10. organize and perform the financial and accounting services of the Agency in accordance with the requirements of the national legislation, including drafting of the budget;

11. analyze and administer the costs incurred by the Agency;

12. monitor the implementation of the approved capital expenditures and prepare reports and analyzes;

13. provide the data and prepare the annual financial report of the Agency;

14. ensures the keeping of the accounting documents according to the requirements of the Accountancy Act and the internal rules and instructions;

15. assist and coordinate the activities of the Agency in connection with its participation in international activities in the field of geodesy, cartography and cadastre;

16. plan and study opportunities for additional sources of financing of the activities carried out by the Agency;

17. Carries out the preparation, development and implementation of projects funded by international financial institutions, European structural and investment funds, other financial instruments or mechanisms;

18. establish and maintain contacts of the Agency in the country and abroad and conduct media strategies and policies;

19. organize and implement the material and technical supply of the Agency with machinery and equipment, spare parts, inventory, consumables and furniture;

20. be responsible for the proper, lawful and effective use, management and protection of movable property provided to the Agency;

21. provides the maintenance of the buildings, installations and facilities and organizes the conclusion of contracts with external contractors;

22. organize and carry out the complete technical servicing of the Agency with transport as well as the registration of motor vehicles, insurance, maintenance, repair and annual reviews;

23. is responsible for the supply, preservation, management and use of commodity-valuables. "

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