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Geodesy and Cartography Directorate

Director of Directorate


"Geodesy, cartography and Geocartfund " Department

Head of department: eng.Lyuba Grozdanova


 "Control" Department


Art. 15. (Amended, SG No. 39/2018, effective 11.05.2018, amended, SG No. 54 2020, effective 16.06.2020) Geodesy Directorate and cartography ":

1. assist the executive director in the implementation of the coordination and control of the activities in the field of geodesy and cartography;

2. develop a long-term program and strategy for the development of the activities in geodesy and cartography;

3. prepare analyzes, reports, opinions and answers to received questions in the field of geodesy and cartography;

4. participate in the elaboration of drafts of normative acts in the field of geodesy and cartography, develop methodical instructions on their application and co-ordinate drafts of normative acts in the field of geodesy and cartography, prepared by other departments;

5. plan and organize the assignment, control and acceptance of the main geodetic and cartographic activities;

6. prepare technical assignments and make proposals for awarding public procurements for assignment of the elaboration of the geodetic networks with local purpose, the working geodetic base, the state leveling network and the network of tide gauge stations, the state gravimetric network and the large-scale topographic map;

7. manage methodically and coordinate the services of geodesy, cartography and cadastre in the implementation and acceptance of geodetic and cartographic activities;

8. organize and maintain the activity of the State Geodetic, Cartographic and Cadastral Fund (Geocard Fund) and the servicing with geodetic, cartographic and geoinformation materials and data;

9. administer and maintain the databases with geodetic, cadastral and specialized information in the created electronic archive of the Geocard Fund and monitor the functioning of the specialized information system;

10. keep a register of the geographical names in the Republic of Bulgaria, establish their transcription and spelling and the introduction of their standardized forms for the needs of the topography, cartography, cadastre, the mass media, the publishing houses, as well as for other users;

11. carry out the coordination and control over the implementation of the concluded contracts for performance of geodetic activities and elaboration of cartographic materials and data and prepare a report for their implementation;

12. organize and control the activity for entry and deletion in the registers of the competent persons;

13. carry out scheduled and unscheduled inspections of the administrative units regarding the implementation of the normative acts and instructions applicable to the activity of the Agency;

14. carry out other inspections on specific issues and cases, assigned by an order of the Executive Director of the Agency, including regarding the provision or refusal to provide administrative services;

15. analyze the practice of application of the normative acts in geodesy, cartography and cadastre by the administrative units of the Agency and, if necessary, make proposals for their amendment;

16. analyze the reasons for established violations, established during inspections, and propose measures for their future prevention;

17. make proposals for new or for amendment of the interdepartmental acts, regulating the organization of the work and the activity of the Agency;

18. check the signals against illegal or incorrect actions or inactions of employees of the Agency;

19. prepare answers to complaints, proposals and signals of natural and legal persons on issues related to the activity of the Agency;

20. participate in the acceptance of the materials and the data, received in the process of mapping of the seismic risk.

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