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Geodesy, Cartogaphy and Cadastre Agency (GCCA) is an administration to the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works for conducting, coordinating and servicing activities. In 2000 GCCA was established with the main priority being the creation of a digital cadastre and a property register. With the entry into force of the Geodesy and Cartography Act in 2006, these functions include activities related to the maintenance of a uniform geodetic basis for carrying out geodetic and cartographic activities, provision of up-to-date and unified geoinformation for the territory of the country through topographic mapping and other methods and tools, standardization of geographic names.

Dear clients,

Geodesy, Cartogaphy and Cadastre Agency and its 28 Territorial Offices provide information and services to all interested natural and legal persons dealing with cadastre, cartography and geodesy. Our aim is to apply and develop good practices in the provision of administrative and specialized services. Our top priority is the satisfaction of service users and society as a whole from the actions of our employees and the quality of the services provided. The main purpose of this charter is to help our clients understand and defend their rights, and to require us better administrative service. We strive for it to be a dynamic, dynamic, evolving document that follows your requirements as well as expanding and enriching the services we could provide.

We commit ourselves to:

  • to work in accordance with the standards for performing quality administrative services;
  • to inform our clients of the results achieved and the future improvements;
  • to maintain partnerships with citizens, business, professional communities and others;
  • to continually improve access to services by letting you know in detail about your rights, where and how you can get the appropriate administrative services;
  • to work towards achieving a high quality of the services provided;
  • to achieve transparency and responsiveness by providing our clients with the opportunity to communicate with courteous and qualified employees during the entire administrative service process;
  • to encourage our clients to express their opinion about the services they receive.

Expected Benefits of Improving Administrative Service:

1. Benefits for customers - improved access to the Agency's services, awareness of where and how to get a service, reduction of personal expenses and time, clear service procedures agreed with the client;


2. Benefits to the administration - more efficient organization of work, reduction of administrative service costs and release of funds for other activities, improved image of the administration to the public, reduction of the opportunities for corruption by crossing the direct contact between the requesting party and the provider of the service performance level.

In providing administrative services, GCCA is governed by the following statutory instruments:

1. Law on the cadastre and the property register;

2. Law on Geodesy and Cartography;

3. Spatial Development Act;

4. Law on Administration;

5. Law on Civil Servants;

6. Personal Data Protection Act;

7. Ordinance on administrative services;

8. Other special laws and regulations related to geodesy, cartography and cadastre.

You can contact us and get the information you need, as well as freely express your opinions, suggestions, comments and praise in the following ways:

1. By visiting our office or by sending us a letter at the address of the Agency: Sofia 1618, Musala Street 1, as well as at the addresses below of the Territorial Services of GCCA;

2. By visiting the Agency's website:

3. By writing to the Agency's e-mail at:

4. Sending a fax to the Agency: (+3592) 955 53 33

Customer Service Time:

Every working day from 9.00 to 17.30

Proposals and alerts may be in writing or oral, may be filed in person or through an authorized representative, by telephone, fax or e-mail. Suggestions and alerts submitted are registered. Where necessary to submit in writing or to meet certain requirements, the applicant shall be given appropriate clarification.


We build our own standards of self-assessment and administrative service based on the eight strategic principles adopted by the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria in the provision of administrative services.

1. Attitude towards consumers.

(a) provide equal access to services and equal treatment to all customers, regardless of their social status, education, age, gender, ethnic origin or religious beliefs;
b) communicate with our clients politely, with due respect, respecting their personal dignity;
c) we respect confidentiality regarding the users' personal information of administrative services provided by the Agency;
d) we expect the users of services in AGKK to have the correct attitude and respect for our employees; compliance with the requirements for the provision of relevant documents for the receipt of the various services and the necessary assistance for the fulfillment of our professional commitments.

3. Communication with the client.

(a) We commit ourselves to providing clear, easily understandable, complete and accurate explanations and advice to customers by competent staff for the process of providing services in a way that meets their needs;
b) Provide easily understandable and comprehensive oral or written answers to inquiries from our clients;
(c) we assume the obligation, if the request of our users is not within the competence of the GCCA, to target the institution concerned;
d) Consider each complaint, offer or commendation received within the specified deadlines and notify our clients about the decisions taken and the actions taken on them.

4. Compliance with deadlines.

a) the receipt and confirmation of telephone calls, written inquiries, complaints, requests or praises will be made immediately by the respective agent of the Agency, and the response will be provided to the client within 30 / thirty / day of the acceptance applies if a special law provides for such);
(b) We are obliged to inform our clients in good time if the time has to be extended, the reasons and the final date for answering their questions.

5. Customer feedback mechanism.

(a) we undertake to use customer feedback mechanisms to take into account the current needs of different customer groups;
b) We commit ourselves to analyzing the information we receive, reporting the results, and informing our customers about them, using different access channels.

6. Complaint mechanism, signals, complaints, suggestions and praise.

(a) users of administrative services provided by GCCA have the opportunity to submit complaints, signals, complaints, suggestions and praises concerning the quality of the administrative service or a specific employee in the following ways:
- in the register of AGKK at the address: Sofia 1618, 1 Musala Str. or by post to the same address;
- in the territorial units of the Agency at the above-mentioned addresses;
- by phone call: (02) 8188383;
- via a box of alerts and suggestions, specially placed in each office of GCCA;

- by filling in the questionnaires.
b) on all submitted complaints, complaints and signals, GCCA shall pronounce within the legally prescribed terms. Anonymous complaints, complaints and alerts will be taken into account by the management without any response.
c) You can get information about the movement of your case easily and quickly in the Agency's office by communicating the incoming number under which your request was made.
(d) In the case of complaints about unlawful or suspected corruption or employee omissions, please inform us by writing to the Executive Director or the Chief Secretary of the Agency in person or by letter who will carry out the necessary investigation and inform you as soon as possible, quickly on the address and phone you have left.

7. Accountability and self-assessment of the administration.

(a) we commit ourselves to fulfilling our commitments in the process of providing administrative services and adhering to established service standards;
b) declare that the management of GCCA is committed to improving the administrative service, the qualification of its employees and the fulfillment of the above standards in order to achieve our goal - meeting the high requirements of our clients as users of quality administrative services;


This Charter is reviewed and updated as a result of joint discussions and communication with our clients (unless an update is required as a result of a change in the legal framework). We look forward to actively participating in the bilateral partnership building process.