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2 Providing access to public information


General administrative services

2 Providing access to public information

  • Citizens and legal entities, foreigners and stateless persons have the right to access public information (official and official), as well as the right to reuse information from the public sector, which is created or stored by the state authorities of the Republic of Bulgaria, their territorial units and bodies of local self-government.
  • Based on:
  • Law on Access to Public Information - Art. 3, para. 1 and 3, art.4
  • The service is also provided as an internal administrative:
  • No
  • Administrative service body:
  • CEO
  • Deadline for submission:
  • 14-day
  • Validity of the document / individual administrative act:
  • In one procedure
  • Authority exercising control over the activity of the authority for the provision of the service:
  • CEO
  • Body before which an individual administrative act is appealed:
  • Administrative Court
  • Procedure, including deadlines for appealing against the actions of the body providing the service:
  • Procedure for appeal:

- You lodge the appeal with the Administrative Court.

  • Deadline for appeal:

- 14 days from receipt of the notice for issuance of the administrative act.

  • Email address where the service is provided:
  • Email address for inquiries:

Administrative units - Requirements, procedures, instructions

Form and manner of requesting the service

The request for public information may be made by oral request or by written application. The application shall be submitted in one copy and shall contain the following information:

1. the three names, respectively the name and the seat of the applicant;

2. description of the requested information;

3. the preferred form for providing access to the requested information;

4. the address for correspondence with the applicant, a telephone number may also be indicated.

The service is requested:

   - at the counter, in the administrative service center;

   - by mail;

   - to the electronic address - Виж имейла...;

   - through the Platform for access to public information;

   - through the Secure Electronic Service System.

Consideration of an application

The applications received under the Access to Public Information Act (APIA) are registered in the computerized record keeping system and submitted to the director of the APFO directorate - for the central administration, and to the heads of regional GCCA offices - for the regional services, for decision-making for providing or refusing to provide access to the requested public information.

The head (the director of the APFO directorate or the head of regional GCCA office) checks whether the application meets the requirements of the APIA and assigns it for examination to the respective employee.

When the application does not meet the requirements of the APIA and / or it is not clear exactly what information is requested, or when it is formulated very generally, the applicant is notified and has the right to specify the subject of the requested public information. After the inspection, respectively after receiving the clarification, the official prepares a draft decision for granting access to the requested information or for its refusal, after which GCCA / regional GCCA office issues the decision.

Manner of providing the service

The result of the service is provided:

- personally or through an authorized person in the administrative service center;

- through a licensed postal operator;

- electronically by e-mail;

- through the Platform for access to public information;

- through the Secure Electronic Service System.


Application for access to public information -…


Law on Access to Public Information


A fee is charged for the service

The costs of providing public information are paid on the basis of order № ZMF-1472 / 29.11.2011 of the Minister of Finance.

The service can be paid for in one of the following ways:

At the counter in the administrative unit for service using a bank card

Bank transfer


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