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1684 Providing a copy of a cadastral map or part of it in graphic form


Services from the cadastral map and registers

1684 Providing a copy of a cadastral map or part of it in graphic form

  • Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency (GCCA) can provide a copy of a cadastral map or part of it in graphic form with the data for urbanized and non-urbanized territory, for which there is an approved cadastral map.
  • Based on:
  • Law on Cadastre and Property Register - Art. 55, para. 1 - 5
  • Decree № 293 of 08.11.2016 amending and supplementing Tariff № 14 for fees collected in the system of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works and by the regional governors, adopted by Decree № 175 of the Council of Ministers of 1998 - §. 3, para. 2
  • The service is also provided as an internal administrative:
  • No
  • Administrative service body:
  • CEO
  • Deadline for submission:
  • Ordinary service - 7 working days; Fast service - 3 working days
  • Validity of the document / individual administrative act:
  • Until a change in circumstances occurs.
  • Authority exercising control over the activity of the authority for the provision of the service:
  • CEO
  • Body before which an individual administrative act is appealed:
  • Administrative court at the location of the property
  • Procedure, including deadlines for appealing against the actions of the body providing the service:
  • Procedure for appeal:

- You file the appeal to the Administrative Court at the location of the property.

  • Deadline for appeal:

- 14 days from receipt of the notice for issuance of the administrative act.

  • Restrictions and conventions:

1. According to amendment (SG, issue 2 of 2021, in force from 08.01.2021) of § 3, para. 2 of the TFP of Decree № 293 of 8.11.2016, the service is performed until 31.12.2023.

2. The service is provided electronically:

- Through the Cadastral-Administrative Information System (KAIS) - in order to request the service electronically you must have a registration in the Cadastral-Administrative Information System (KAIS);

- Through the Secure Electronic Service System (SSMS).

  • Email address where the service is provided:
  • Email for inquires:

Administrative units:

Requirements, procedures, instructions

Form and manner of requesting the service

The application is submitted:

- In a regional geodesy, cartography and cadastre agency office (RGCCAO) selected by the applicant, regardless of the location of the property. When ordering a service at the counter, the application is filled in electronically by an employee of RGCCAO - no pre-filled application is required;

- Through the web portal for online services - KAIS (registration in the portal is required);

- With an application by mail;

- Through the Secure Electronic Service System (SЕSS).

Necessary documents

- Application;

The application must indicate the territory and / or the identifiers of the properties for which the service is requested or attach a file containing the covering contour in CAD 4 format. When the application is submitted electronically, the provided data must be archived in * .rar - format and attached.

- Document / data for paid fee.

Form and manner of providing the service

The prepared copy of the cadastral map or of a part of it in graphic form shall be provided to the user of the service in the manner requested by him:

- At the counter;

- By courier service at the expense of the applicant, at the specified address for correspondence.


Application for services provided by KKKR:…


A fee is charged for the service

Ordinary service - BGN 2.00 per square decimeter, but not less than BGN 10.00 per copy;

Fast service - the fee is increased by 100 percent;

In case the applicant cannot determine the exact amount of the due state fee, a minimum fee of BGN 10 shall be paid.

The service fee is prepaid.

The term for performance of the service starts running after payment of the due state fee.

The service can be paid for in one of the following ways:

At the counter in the administrative unit using a bank card

Via Bank transfer


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