Service description

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List of the administrative services provided by Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency, description of the ways of submission and delivery, necessary documents or information, fees and terms


Some of the descriptions of cadastral map and registers services are in the process of being developed. You can get information about them from:


Decree No 293 from 8 November 2016 amending and supplementing Tariff No 14 on the fees collected in the system  of the Regional Development Public Works Ministry and the regional governors adopted by Decree No 175 of the Council of Ministers (SG No. 90 of 15.11.2016) )


ORDINANCE № PD-02-20-4 from 11 October 2016 for provision of services from the cadastral map and cadastral registers, prom. SG - number: 83, dated 21.10.2016 


The services provided by Cartography and Cadastre Agency can be paid by debit or credit card via the POS terminals at the reception offices of the regional offices or by bank transfer.

The cash service in Sofia City and Geodesy, Cartography and Cadstre Office - Sofia District is provided by CCB AD - fee for the bank - BGN 1.90,or can be payed via debit or credit card via POS terminals at each counter.

The transfer order can be sent by email, fax or mail.

It is mandatory to enter the application number in the payment reason


The due amount is determined by an employee of the Agency upon requesting the service.

CONTACTS with the regional offices.