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Important information about the period of implementation of the administrative services of geodesy, cadastre and cartography agency


Services from the cadastral map and registers

Important information about the deadlines for the implementation of the administrative services by Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency (GCCA)

Start of implementation of the administrative service

The implementation of an administrative service begins after a registration in the information system of the cadastre by an application that meets the requirements of the law and to which all required documents are attached, including a document for paid fee.

Suspension of the term

The term for performance of the administrative service stops running if the necessary documents are not attached to the application or the application itself does not meet the requirements of the law. The applicant has the right to correct the deficiencies in the application and the documents within the term indicated in the notification. The performance of the service continues from the day following the day on which the deficiencies have been eliminated.

Deadlines and notification

When conducting administrative proceedings to eliminate incompleteness or errors in the cadastral map and cadastral registers, the regional geodesy, cartography and cadastre office notifies the interested parties of:

- commencement of production. The parties have a specified term to get acquainted with the documents on the administrative proceedings, as well as the opportunity to make written requests and objections on it;

- issuance of the order for amendment of the cadastral map and the cadastral registers or of the refusal for its issuance. Within 14 days of receiving the notification, the parties may appeal the order (refusal). If it is not appealed, the amendment shall enter into force after the expiration of the term for appeal of all interested parties.

Counting down deadlines

The terms for performing the administrative services by GCCA are counted in working days. The period shall be calculated from the day following the day on which the period begins and expires at the end of its last day. When the term expires on a non-working day, the term expires on the next working day.

Where more than one service is requested by a single application, and if the performance of the second service is directly dependent on the performance of the first service, the time limit for the performance of the second service shall begin to run after the expiry of the first service.

The period from sending the notification to the return of the return receipt is not included in the total period for performing the service.

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