GCCA functions

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            Organisation and functions

Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency is an executive agency to the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works. The Agency is a legal entity, having its seat in Sofia and operating through its 28 regional units – Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Offices,  located in the administrative centres of the regions (oblast centres). Aiming at better servicing of clients, remote working places are created at the municipal centers with high demand of cadastral services.

The main functions of the Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency are as follows:

1. pursuant to the Cadastre and Property Registration Act:

            - creation and maintenance of cadastral map and cadastral registers for the whole territory of the country;

            - drafting acts and regulations in the field of cadastre and geodesy, as well as programmes and concepts on future development;

            - implementation of cadastral activities in close coordination with these of the property register, UCATTU (Unified Classification of Administrative-Territorial and Territorial Units), BULSTAT (Unified Classification of identification of juridical persons), ESGRAON (Unified System for identification of physical persons), registers of state and municipal properties;

            - administrative and technical servicing the public, state administration, municipalities and other users of cadastral information;

            - maintenance of the state geodetic, cartographic and cadastral fund;

            - maintenance of register of physical and juridical persons, licensed to carry out activities in the filed of cadastre, geodesy and cartography.

            2. pursuant to the Geodesy and Cartography Act: 

            - creation and maintenance of topographic maps in scales 1 : 5000 and 1 : 10 000 for the territory of the country;

            - maintenance of the state levelling network and the mareographic stations network;

            - maintenance of the geodetic networks of local purpose;

            - creation and maintenance of topographic databases and the geographic information system;

            - implementation of technical activities related to establishment of the geographic names in the Republic of Bulgaria, keeping a register of names, creation and maintenance of databases and information system;

            - cooperation with the state administration, and other organisations in the country and abroad.


Sectors of operation and clients

Sectors, in which there is a necessity of the data, which the GCCA collects, creates, maintains and stores:

-         Real estate market;

-         Territorial and organizational planning;

-         Infrastructure;

-         Environment preservation.


The clients of the GCCA are of two types: the citizens as owners of real estates and key clients. The key clients can be subdivided into several main groups, as each group has its specific requirements:

-         Central administrations;

-         Municipal administrations;

-         Licensed persons;

-         Registry judges;

-         Notaries;

-         Real Estate Agencies;

-         Commercial banks;

-         Entrepreneurs;

-         Energy sector enterprises;

-     State and private bailiffs.


For the services provided the Agency collects fees according to Tariff № 14 for the fees, collected in the system of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works and by the local governors.