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Geocartfund – Portal Home Page

1. Information about the area of the administrative regions in Republic of Bulgaria and their coverage with cadastral map

2. Information about data and materials stored in the State Geodetic, Cartographic and Cadastral Fund (Geocartfund)

3. Map sheet division and nomenclature of the large scale topographic map 1:5000, Coordinate system 1970 - Interactive visualization

4. Geodetic points  - Interactive visualization and data :

The purpose of this visualization is to support field investigation of geodetic points - their condition and suitability.

5. State leveling network – I and II order

  • EVRS (WIP)

Google Earth is built in to help the visualization of data. In case you don’t have Google Earth installed on your PC, once you have started loading the above mentioned data the system will give a direct link for the relevant plug-in.

/If you have some troubleshoots with your plug-in, click F5 to refresh the web page/

Data is organized in single (not overlaying) layers loaded from the menu.

To view a layer on a full screen click “Printer-friendly version” (right corner under the visualization screen)

Please, be patient – loading of given layers may take some time.

(You might speed up the visualization process by clicking F5 to refresh the web page/

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