Provision of rectangular coordinates, height and triangular point data specified in 1970 or 1950 coordinated systems.

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Rectangular coordinates, height, and triangle point data defined in coordinate systems 1970 or 1950

Legal basis

Article 22 of the Geodesy and Cartography Act; Art.49i, para 1, item 1 of Tariff № 14 for the fees, which are collected in the system of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works and by the regional governors.

Form of application and necessary documents


The application must indicate:

- the point number,
- the nomenclature of the wholesale topographic map sheet, M 1: 5000, in which the point falls.

Content of the result

1. Point number and class;

2. Coordinates and normal height (if known) of the point;

3. Method of determining the coordinates and the height;

4. Coordinate and height system;

5. Description;

6. Existence of an underground center;

7. Year of creation;

8. Card sheet (CC 1950 or CC 1970, M 1: 5000);

9. Data regarding the condition of the point, if available.

Form of provision

In digital form: PDF format and / or paper

Delivery Method

On-site at Geokartfund's reception; By electronic means; By courier service of choice and at the expense of the applicant.


BGN 7.00 per item;

In case the service is requested and received only electronically, the fee is reduced by 30%.

Execution Period

Up to 14 days from the date of payment of the due fee.

Validity period



The service includes the right to a one-time and one-use procedure of the received materials and data.