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Provision of data, on paper or in digital form, from gauge (seal level measuring) stations

Title Description
Name Provision of data, on paper or in digital form, from gauge (seal level measuring) stations.
Legal basis Article 22 of the Geodesy and Cartography Act; Art. 49i, para 1, item 12 of Tariff № 14 for the fees collected in the system of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works and by the regional governors.
Competent authority Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency - Geocartfund
Method of requesting
On the spot: at Geokartfund's reception;Via Internet - by email or on-line application form or the Cadastral Administrative Information System
Form of request and necessary documents/ information Application.
The application must indicate: the name of the sea level measuring station and the period for which the value/s of the sea level is/are requested.
Content of the result 1. Name of the gauge station;
2. Period of measuring;
3. The averaged values (highest, lowest and mean) of the Black Sea level for the period at the gauge station.
Form of provision In digital form: PDF format and / or paper
Delivery Method Via Internet - by email or cloud-based computer file transfer service; On the spot: at Geokartfund's reception or via a courier service of choice and at the expense of the Applicant
Price BGN 10.00 for a period;
In case the service is requested and received only electronically, the fee is reduced by 30%.
Execution Period Up to 14 days from the date of payment of the due fee.
Validity period None
Note Provided materials/data may be used only for the purposes for which they have been ordered. They cannot be circulated, disseminated or conceded to third persons unless this is provided on the basis of concluded contract with the Agency for geodesy, cartography
and cadastre.

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